Lower Limb Assessments & ABI Clinic

Lower limb assessments are recommended for all patients at risk of decreased circulation and sensation; to identify and prevent complications such as wounds, ulcerations, and loss, and should be completed yearly.

What to expect:

  • A clinician will inspect your socks and shoes for wear marks, foreign objects, arch support, and overall quality
  • A visual inspection of lower limb for hair growth and visible veins (varicosities), open skin, colour, shape of foot and abnormalities, and toe nail quality will be done.
  • A hands on inspection for temperature, corns, calluses, abnormal bone growth, and visual blood flow(capillary refill)
  • Questions for you regarding concerns for pain, sensitivities, past back or leg surgeries
  • A Doppler test to listen for and assess quality of foot pulses

For a Lower Limb Assessment you need to have a family physician within the Rocky Medical Clinic. For more information call 403-845-3050.