About Us

Welcome to the Rocky PCN

The Rocky Mountain House Primary Care Network (PCN) is a partnership between Rocky Medical Clinic Physicians and Alberta Health Services. The Rocky Primary Care Network is a not-for-profit entity that is funded by Alberta Health. The Rocky PCN is just one of approximately 41 PCN’s throughout Alberta. Each PCN attempts to provide local solutions for local problems, therefore each PCN has its own look and programming. The funding for the operations of each PCN is public, therefore there are no costs to patients to use the programming.

Our Mission

To deliver comprehensive primary care in the community while fostering excellence in rural health practice.

Our History

The Rocky Primary Care Network has been in operation since January 2006. The PCN was developed to provide patients with greater access to care by hiring other health care providers. These health care providers assist patients with extra counselling, education and monitoring throughout their health care journey.

The PCN also helps physicians by allowing them to see patients more quickly as a portion of the care they provide is delegated to other health care providers in their place. Consistent communication happens between your doctor and the other health care providers or “team” that provides you with extra help, so that your physician is always aware of what is happening in your care.

We are here to partner with you and your family as you use the health care system.

Our Goals

  • To improve access to primary care
  • To improve linkages with existing AHS & community services
  • To increase emphasis on health promotion & prevention
  • To attract physicians

Our Team

  • ​Primary Care Physicians (Directors)
  • Executive Director
  • Operations Director
  • Nurse Navigators
  • Dietician
  • Panel Management Screening Nurses
  • ​Chronic Disease Case Manager
  • Registered Midwifes
  • Pharmacists
  • Blood Pressure Nurse
  • Anticoagulation Clinician
  • Tobacco Reduction Clinician