Well Woman Pap Clinic

Services Provided

We provide Pap appointments for women who do not have a family physician or who prefer a female physician, and for those who otherwise have difficulty accessing care. You do not require a referral.

We provide cervical cancer screening in the context of a “Well Woman” visit.  You will be seen for a Pap smear (Papanicolau smear) only.  A separate appointment should be booked with your family physician for a breast health consultation or prescription refills.  The pap test will be completed according to current guidelines.

At your Well Women’s “Pap” appointment we may provide:

  • Cervical cancer screening (Pap Tests);
  • Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) testing (screening) and education;
  • Contraceptive (birth control) advice and management;
  • Height, Weight and Blood pressure screening.
  • IUD Insertions* (Requires extra time, ask for availability)

To Book a Well Women’s Pap Appointment

Please call the Rocky PCN to book the appointment at (403) 845-3050.  When you call to book an appointment, please have the following available:

Alberta Health Care number;

Full name & date of birth (as it appears on your AHC card);

Current address and telephone number.