Nutrition Counselling

Nutrition Counselling is offered at the PCN by a Registered Dietician one day weekly. The services offered are both at an individual level and/or in group appointments and educational sessions. The focus of the dietician’s work within the PCN is to help patients manage their chronic disease through nutrition and healthy eating.

Upon receiving a referral, the PCN receptionist will make an appointment making note of what type of services is required. Individual appointments are 60 minutes in length.

Individual counselling should be reserved for patients with nutrition related concerns not covered in group visits or for those who are not appropriate for group settings. There are a variety of classes offered through the Alberta Healthy Living Program here in Rocky Mountain House, such as:

Diabetes the Basics

Heart Wise

Better Choices, Better Health Workshop

Weight Wise Workshops

Craving Change Workshop

To register for the above listed Alberta Healthy Living Programs please call the PCN receptionist at 403-845-3050 or call Alberta Health Living Directly at 1-877-314-6997