First Nation’s Chronic Disease Management Team

(Team members consist of a Physician, Registered Nurse, Pharmacist and First Nation Health Care Professionals)

This program offers Chronic Care to the O’Chiese and Sunchild First Nations with assistance from their health team members. The program runs each week alternating between the First Nations communities. FNIH health team members arrange for Chronic Disease patients to meet with PCN team members. The team from the PCN consists of physicians, chronic disease nurse specialists, and pharmacists. On initial visit, the team members will assist in completing a Chronic Care Plan with the patient. Each following appointment with the team will involve follow up of the plan and routine patient care.


Appointments are made through First Nation Health Centres.

Sunchild First Nations Health Center: (403)989-3962

O’Chiese First Nations Health Center: (403)989-3900