Anticoagulation Clinic


This program provides ongoing monitoring and regulation of patients on oral anti-coagulation therapy. If you have been diagnosed with a blood clot or heart condition and you are taking a blood thinner, which is very commonly Coumadin or Warfarin. The prospect of having to monitor a potentially dangerous condition, let alone take medication forever, is overwhelming and worrisome for many. Warfarin can be difficult to manage and has some notable interactions with other vital nutrients, mainly vitamin K. In fact, you may have even been told by a medical professional to stop eating foods high in vitamin K. While warfarin and vitamin K do interact, the potential harm of completing eliminating vitamin K from your diet may be proven more dangerous than creating a consistent level of it in your blood.

Let us help YOU!

Our Anticoagulation Clinic provides education and dosing instructions for patients taking anticoagulants (blood thinners). The Anticoagulation Clinic staff work closely with other members of your healthcare team to ensure that your medical needs are addressed.

Services include:

  • Warfarin dose adjustments and managing unstable INRs
  • Close supervision for effectiveness and monitoring for side effects
  • Know vitamin K content in foods and its effect on INR.
  • Patient and family education and resources.

Patients accepted into this program must be attached to a physician with the Rocky Medical Clinic and must be referred by that physician.