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Updated June 23, 2020: COVID-19 and How it is Impacting the Rocky PCN

​What is happening in the PCN regarding COVID-19 and how might it affect you? The Rocky PCN is here for you!

The Rocky PCN team is working hard to make sure that you are safe and we are here to help you. Regular appointments have resumed with some changes, and we can offer you a phone appointment if you need some help managing your health from home.

  • If you are waiting to hear about a referral  to a specialist, please call instead of leaving the comfort of your home. 403-845-3085 is a dedicated line to the Nurse Navigator for specialist referrals.
  • If you have routine bloodwork due, please call the lab booking number at 1-833-572-0577, or go online at, to book an appointment.
  • X-rays do not require an appointment at this time.
  • Obstetric Appointments require special attention when arriving at the Rocky Medical Clinic. If you do not hear from us to confirm your appointment and to update you on the procedure, please call us before heading to the clinic. 

What should you do if you suspect you may have contracted COVID-19?

  • If you suspect that you may have COVID-19 symptoms, self-isolate and take the self-assessment test found at hereSelf-Assessment Tool for COVID-19. 
  • You can also call 811. They are working quickly to train new staff to ease the wait time and have expanded the number of phone lines available. 

We are doing our best to keep you as informed and safe as possible. The best procedure is to maintain physical distancing of 2 meters, or 6 feet, do not unnecessarily touch things when out in public, wash your hands, do not touch your face and use an abundance of caution when in social situations. Don't forget to check up on your family, friends and neighbours to make sure that they are okay. 

If you are able to donate blood, the blood bank is still looking for donations. Canadian Blood Services

If you have any questions, please give us a call at 403-845-3050.

The Rocky Primary Care Network operates in conjunction with the Rocky Medical Clinic.